GOOD HOPE 56’ & 65’

Jacobs Bros is the preferred builder of the Good Hope 56’. Designed by Ed Joy, it is a rugged, aluminium yacht for extensive cruising. Following the adventures of Seal, it has inspired interest in this design from aspiring circumnavigators. This yacht is durable and low maintenance, and is capable of exploring rivers and tidal basins that are inaccessible to fixed keel sailboats. The design is suited for rugged Arctic conditions, with her proven lifting keel and rudder, and can be modified for less extensive cruising in high latitudes.

The Good Hope 65’ is a scaled up version of the 56’ and is being developed for a large family for extended cruising.

Dimensions GOOD HOPE 56’
  • LOA | 17.12m (56ft 2in)
  • DWL | 12.9m (47ft 4in)
  • Beam | 4.83m (15ft 10in)
  • Draft | 0.97m (3ft) keel up
  • Draft | 2.67m (8ft 9in) keel down
  • Displacement | 24,950 kg
Dimensions GOOD HOPE 65’
  • LOA | 19.89m (65ft 3in)
  • LWL | 16.69m (54ft 9in)
  • Beam | 5.33m (17ft 6in)
  • Draft | 1.04m (3ft 5in) keel up
  • Draft | 2.9m (9ft 6in) keel down
  • Displacement | 34,212 kg


Jacobs Bros is one of the preferred builders for this new design by De Villiers Van Schaik Marine Design. Based off the successful 62’ Alloy Ketch Cat, it is a durable, rugged alloy cruising boat with inherent safety features, which will appeal to almost anyone wanting to cruise far and wide. Features include: 6 watertight compartments; exceptional underwing clearance; low heeling moment and easily-managed ketch rig, etc.

See the DVS 52 Brochure for more information.

  • LOA | 16.00m (52ft 6in)
  • LWL | 15.98m (52ft 5in)
  • Beam | 7.70m (25ft 7in)
  • Draft hull | 0.66m (2ft 2in) (Daggerboards)
  • Draft fixed keels | 1.20m (3ft 11in)
  • Displacement | 14,700 kg