What we do

An artisanal boatyard, specialising in custom aluminium yachts.

We build to any stage of completion, whether hull and deck only or complete fit out and ready to sail.

We also execute interior fit-outs, repairs and refits for both aluminium and composite yachts. In addition, we build commercial craft, workboats and large to small components for business-to-business clients.

We are passionate about our work, striving to improve with each new launch and revel in undertaking new custom projects. Building with us is an experience, each yacht is unique and truly one of a kind.

The owner presents their ideas, dreams and experiences. The build of the yacht revolves around them and they will get to input a great amount as well as access their yacht at any time. We are able to guide the owner along this journey of building their dream yacht.

The truly adventurous dream to explore off the beaten track into remote locations, such as rugged coastlines and the high latitude icy wilderness. This new age of cruising requires a different type of yacht. A yacht that can go anywhere, is purpose-built and durable. Wherever you dream to adventure, Jacobs Bros can craft the ideal yacht for you.

Why Aluminium

With aluminium you can go anywhere, into all terrains and extreme conditions. The main features of aluminium are its impact resistance, durability and ruggedness.

While the hull, deck and superstructure can be painted to give a beautiful finish, most of our clients choose to leave the hull bare to reduce maintenance.

It is easy to create alterations to the yacht at any stage of the build or during her lifespan. At its end of life cycle, the aluminium is reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The Process

The owner either purchases a stock design or commissions a new design with a naval architect.

Jacobs Bros can provide a price estimate for the desired size and type of boat before the owner purchases or commissions a design. With a new design, the specifications are discussed between the owner, designer and builder.

The owner is welcome to visit the yacht at any time and or receive regular progress updates from the yard.

Jacobs Bros can arrange for delivery of the yacht to anywhere in the world or the owner can take ownership in Cape Town and sail away on their new adventure.